If you’re a small creator with over 50 subscribers, the folks at youtube have listened to you. (kinda) Live streaming is now rolling out to channels under the previous 1000 subscriber requirement. You’ll now be able to live stream directly from the youtube app on iOS and Android.

There are a few limitations/safeguards with this new rollout that include:

  • Youtube may limit the viewers on your mobile live stream
  • Your archived live stream will be set to private by default

(One youtube notification that I saw was say your channel has 50 subscribers it will be limited to 50+25. Youtube says this will gradually expand as your creator history.)

Live Stream Requirements

  • Your channel will need to have no live streaming restrictions in the past 90 days,
  • Your channel will need to be verified (via mobile number)
  • You will need to enable live streaming on your channel
  • Once submitted, it may take up to 24 hours for live streaming to become available.

Live Streaming Software

Alternate applications to the youtube app that you can use to live stream.

Read more about Youtube Live Streaming Here:


  • You are still able to live stream using 3rd party software such as (OBS, Streamlabs, Ecamm Live etc)
  • Once you reach 1000 subscribers, the live streaming restrictions will be removed.

It appears Youtube is beginning to lower restrictions and give access to new tools to new creators as this update follows just a few weeks after reducing the community tab requirement from 1000 to 500. It’s getting more accessible, folks. Have fun using these new tools, and we’ll catch you on the tube!