The first winter ice storm has arrived. I had a dead ash tree come down during the storm and have a few others that we will need to remove.

The first winter storm of the year is brewing in PA. Buttoning up a few projects before it arrives. Every year it’s like winter just shows up out of the blue even though it’s expected.

Enjoying a campfire to finish 2020 and ring in 2021. Thank you for a year to remember in many ways. Many blessings to all for a safe and prosperous new year!

Be Inspired – This is my message to you! Be the light that the world needs right now. Good Morning from the campfire – Never give up & be positive! Special thanks to all the workers that are keeping the world going right now! PA is now on a stay at home order for the […]

Footage from Autorama Detroit 2020 Americas Greatest Hot Rod Show – Check out this video on the Great 8 vehicles from the 2020 show!

For my first post I just want to introduce you to my girlfriend Katie (my rock). If you’re looking at the photo above it was taken about three years ago in Pittsburgh, PA on one of our first dates together. Time sure does fly, especially when you have found someone to enjoy life with. Katie […]