Special Thanks

I would like to thank all of you that inspire me to create on youtube and help me in my quest to assist others. Whether it be through, a comment, an inspiring message, or merely a like: know that it all helps me do more. Some of you have decided to take it a step further via super chat contributions, and although there isn’t enough room to list every single one, these folks below have been by my side, ready to help. I wish I could express the magnitude of appreciation that I have for this community. I am grateful. I feel humbled. I will do my best to keep being a light for others. Thank You.

(B) + (R) Manley

Great friends are like stars, you don’t always see them but you know they are there.

Buckin’ Billy Ray

Instant Rapport. Keep inspiring the world to #BeKind and feel alive! Your friendship is a blessing

Bellhopper Nation

You have given new meaning to Saturday. “Sawturday” Keep pushing forward!!


Thank you for your help and support to do more my friend. A connection to life through music.

Jay Daniels

Thank you for your life advice and friendship. Your light shines bright all the way to the east coast

Sid’s Time Outdoors

A man who picks up the phone and says Nick, let’s help someone today. I want to help you.

Steven Letts

If you fall, stand up. Then keep walking to get where you want to go. If you get where you want the best is yet to come. Keep looking forward my friend!

CP The Tool Addict

A true friend is supports you because they want to see you succeed. If someone tells you that “you cant” they’re showing you their limits, not yours! Thank you for your friendship and motivation!

Jeff Salsbury

Know that your help is greatly appreciated. Your kindness is contagious my friend.

Outside with Scheib

I thank you for your service and motivation. Prayers for your safety. WOOO!

Chris Liggett

Surround yourself with people that lift you higher they say. You have been here from the beginning and not just for me but for others. #friendship

G Carter

I look forward to you camp fire and kicking the can with you one day

CJ’s Info

Helping others with straight to the point how to videos! Karleigh is his boss!