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My first experience with the Quick Door Hanger product that makes it easy to hang a door by yourself.

Installing an exterior door at our gridside property using a product called the Quick Door Hanger – This product made it easy to DIY and get the door squared up with only one person and it only cost $5.00usd. 

Basically it’s an easy to use bracket system for perfectly installing pre-hung doors. One kit will do one complete door installation. Sold in most retailers as either a Single Door Kit or 10 Door Pro Kit. 

Recommend this product if you’re looking to hang a door quickly especially if you’re doing it by yourself.

You can learn more about this product by visiting:

Benefits of the Quick Door Hanger

Quick Door Hanger
  • Works on Hollow-Core & Heavy Solid-Core Doors!
  • No Shimming Required. Up to 5x faster than shimming!
  • Installs doors perfectly level & plumb, with easy adjustment for professional installs!
  • Zero nailing through the door jamb/frame, so there are no nail holes to patch after install!
  • Door casing/trim completely conceals the brackets, you place your trim right over them with zero interference

After my first use I think I will purchase these quick door hangers from now on or at least have a few on standby as they did make this project go quickly. 

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