Everyday Axe vs. Buckin Special

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Receiving my first Buckin' Special Axe from the BBR & The Community

The Buckin Special

Taking a look at a Buckin Special Axe – This axe was a gift from Buckin Billy Ray and his community the Buckin’ Army. What a thoughtful thing to do, I am thankful to own one of these bad boys. If you don’t yet follow his channel make sure you can learn more at https://buckinbillyray.com

In this video, I demonstrate a proven stress release technique developed in ancient times and improved through herculean efforts that span over hundreds of decades. This technique is guaranteed to not only lower your level of stress but also improve your vivacity all at the same time.

In some videos they demonstrate the use of a stress ball to accomplish a similar result. However, for this technique, a Buckin special is highly recommended as the built-in turbo encabulator and torque converting watco will take your stress and turn it into wood busting energy, sometimes even all by itself. Again, highly recommended a special if you are into the ultimate driving machine..or wait nvm

If you are into axes and other outdoor equipment make sure to check out “In the wood

Buckin, thank you my friend! You’re going to change the world with #bekind

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