Smashing Firewood with the Stihl Pro Splitting Axe

Just smashing some firewood getting ready for spring with the Stihl Pro Splitting Axe. Keeps the blood pumping after work. Ready to start some spring projects.

Smashing firewood with the Stihl Pro Splitting Axe – Splitting Firewood by hand on the homestead. Getting ready to fix up the woodpile as the cutting season begins. The Stihl pro splitting Axe seems to work well and does much of the work for you as it weighs in a 5.5lbs. I would count this axe in for dependability, the handle is a bit thicker so you may wish to sand it down a bit. I typically do just to remove the varnish that comes on it. This will wear away after some use, or if you forget it outside in the elements :-).

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