An open letter to my Dad on his 60th Birthday

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An open letter to my dad on his 60th Birthday - Happy Fathers Day

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An open letter to my Dad,

It’s always hard to find a card that can put all or even some of my emotions into the correct words. (I may not be able to do a great job at it either) but I thought for today, as we celebrate your 60th year of being on this earth, it would be best to come from the heart.

I want to Thank You for always being there for me; your guidance, leadership, and patience has been appreciated over the years. Whether we’re sitting by the campfire, working on a project together, watching/playing hockey, camping, fishing, helping me with school projects, working in the garage, roasting chestnuts, snowmobiling, spending time at Pap Pap’s, fixing stuff, breaking stuff, and fixing it again… (The list could go on forever and I will probably add to it) We have always been able to relate and have fun together.

As a son, I have been truly blessed to be able to have you as a Dad and I cherish all of the times we spend together. I admire the way you handle all of the circumstances that life has thrown at you. Good, bad, ugly whatever it has been.. you have always made the best of it and kept your head to the sky. You have always been thankful for what you have; whether it be little or great. It’s these things that I wish to emulate in my life today and as I become a husband & father, etc..

I know turning 60 won’t slow you down and I forsee many more opportunities for our family to continue making memories together. By the way I am going to need to keep the air nailer, compressor, and welder for a little bit longer. I wish you the happiest birthday Dad- you make 60 look easy!!

I love you!


For those of you taking the time to read this post or watch the video I would like to remind you that any day is a great day to celebrate your father and if you have the chance like, share, or wish mine a Happy 60th Birthday in the comments.

I enjoy posting family videos on my channel just to share context as to what we’re up to and things that we enjoy together.

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