Brute Force 750 Fuel Filter Replacement – Loss of Power Fix

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Kawasaki Brute Force - Loss of Power Repair - Replacement Fuel Strainer $10.00

Brute Force 750 Fuel Filter Fix – In 2014, my wife and I bought a Kawasaki Brute Force 750 ATV. It ran well for a long time, but after a few thousand miles of use, I noticed a decline in power. Eventually, the ATV would backfire and stall when I accelerated past half throttle. The dealership said I needed to replace the fuel pump unit, which would cost around $400 including labor. However, after researching the issue, I learned that a common problem is a clogged strainer, which is a small, tea-bag-like filter. I decided to check the strainer and discovered it was dirty and filled with grit. I ordered a replacement strainer for about $10 on eBay and installed it. Since then, the ATV has been running well. If you have a similar problem, it’s worth checking the strainer as it could be an easy and inexpensive fix. These have now become so popular you can also find them on amazon and other online stores. Before you go to the dealership, try this first!

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